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OSTI History

Where did we come from?

In 2013, a group of translators & interpreters got together to push for a raise for court interpreters, who had not seen a rate increase since at least 1995. Following that successful effort, we formed OSTI after observing that our state was in need of a professional society for interpreters and translators.

Who are we?

Our core group includes legal and technical translators, medical and court interpreters, professionals with a lifetime of experience as well as newcomers to the profession.

What have we done so far?

• In 2013 we were instrumental in winning a rate increase for Oregon’s certified court interpreters

• We have elected a Board of Directors made up of five OSTI members

• We filed our Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit, and in January 2014 we were recognized by the State of Oregon

• We established a Membership Committee and are working to coordinate our Continuing Education efforts, but there is plenty of room for your participation! Tell us what types of projects interest you, and we will include you in discussions and development for OSTI’s committees.

• Additionally, we launched a website: www.ostiweb.org


OSTI’s mission is to represent and promote Oregon’s rich diversity of written, signed, and spoken language professionals to potential clients throughout our state. As a member of OSTI, you will build relationships not only with these clients, but also with your colleagues. Let’s talk, work, learn, and grow together!

• OSTI’s detailed, user-friendly online membership list is aimed at making it easy for potential clients to find YOU. Oregon has lacked a state-wide aggregated list of T&I professionals until now!

• You can enjoy all the benefits of OSTI membership for just $55.00 per 12 months, with multi-year discounts available!


OSTI also serves the community at large. We are committed to providing resources for professionals as well as users of translation and interpreting services.

• Certified and Qualified interpreters & translators can browse OSTI’s Calendar to find up-to-date information on maintaining their credentials.

• New interpreters & translators can use the online Links page to learn more about credentialing requirements and programs.


An Affiliate of the American Translators Association

Email: info@ostiweb.org

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