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2023 Board Election Nominees

This year, OSTI members will be voting for 2 board positions - Vice President and Treasurer. Current OSTI members will receive the ballot via email in by mid September, 2023. The voting will be done electronically. The election results will be announced on October 1, 2023 during the OSTI 2023 Virtual Conference.

OSTI 2023 Nominating Committee: Jessica Dover, Donna Garcia, Sarika Mehta

Here are the nominees:

Vice President Candidate:

Christina Pfister


Christina Pfister is an experienced bilingual editor and translator with an eye for detail, an ear for voice, and a penchant for clarity. She is well versed in the literature and language of each of her native tongues—German and English (US). Born to American parents in Vienna, Austria, she has cultivated a life-long fascination with language, culture, religion/faith, and the arts. She completed Gymnasium (Austrian high school) with a language arts concentration, which included studies in Latin, French, Russian, German, and English. She holds a BA in German (minors in music and linguistics) from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI and an MA in Cross-Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. She has a passion for conveying meaning across difference and genuinely enjoys the meticulous, creative, and rigorous tasks of developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, and literary translation. She enjoys working with authors and publishing houses alike and is the proud owner of Well Versed, LLC.


Dear fellow OSTI members,

It is a great honor to be nominated for a second term as vice president of the board of OSTI. I have had the joy of being a member of this organization since 2018 and from the moment I attended my first conference in the fall of that year, I recognized that I was among my kind. We are a lively, intelligent, rigorous, ambitious, and engaged bunch and I am excited to serve my fellow Oregon linguists—you.

As an educator I believe in the power of ongoing education and professional development; as a solopreneur, I believe that we grow better and stronger together. In our jobs we can feel like lone rangers at times; increasing our network and our interconnectedness can boost our skills as well as our understanding of the unique value we each contribute. I look forward to meeting more of you and serving the president, the board, and all of you as together we work toward OSTI’s mission of promoting the visibility of and encouraging professionalism in our esteemed professions.

Treasurer Candidate #1:

Malcolm Goldman


Malcolm Goldman has been involved with OSTI since 2018 when they went to an introductory workshop on literary translation as a college student. Since then, they have completed a bachelor’s degree in German and Applied Linguistics with a literary translation as a thesis, given guest lectures in the PSU Linguistics department on translation, and published their first translation in print. Their translations focus on 20th century philosophy, surrealism, and modern perspectives from marginalized voices.

Malcolm has served on the OSTI conference paper committee for the past three years and currently works as the office coordinator for the Department of World Languages and Literatures at PSU, where they track finances, write contracts, and organize many of the other operations of the department.


OSTI has made an enormous impact on my life. The support I have received and the community I have found with this group since exploring the career and art of translation have been touching and foundational. I would love to be able to give back to the organization and help it impact many more lives and continue to serve communities of all backgrounds. I feel that my financial and organizational experience would be a benefit to OSTI and would be honored to serve. Thank you for the nomination.

Treasurer Candidate #2

Romina Espinosa


Romina Espinosa (Lima, Peru) is a professional Spanish<>English interpreter, translator, and creative writer based in San Diego, California. She works as an in-house medical interpreter at UC San Diego Health and offers language services as a freelance writer, translator and interpreter for direct clients and boutique language agencies. She has been providing language access services since 2017. Romina holds a BA in International Studies from University of California San Diego, a minor in Spanish Literature completed at the University of Granada, Spain and an MA in Gender and Diversity Studies from University of Oviedo, Spain. She furthered her interdisciplinary studies by completing a Certificate in Translation and Interpretation (Spanish/English) from University of California San Diego Extension. Ms. Espinosa is recognized in the United States as a Certified Healthcare Interpreter-Spanish through the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI). In 2022, she received the Above and Beyond Award by the National Association of Educational Translators and Interpreters of Spoken Languages (NAETISL) in recognition for her outstanding volunteer service. Ms. Espinosa is a member of three language organizations: NAETISL, OSTI, and NCIHC. Her areas of expertise include conference, community, education, immigration, medical, and mental health interpreting. Outside of work, Romina enjoys traveling, running outdoors (she is a five-time international marathon runner), being creative through acrylic painting and poetry, and being present for her loved ones.


My name is Romina Tatiana Espinosa Meza. As my reader, you might be wondering, “Who is she and why is she running to be part of the OSTI board for 2023-2025?” Yes, I am a young professional, a creative writer, a translator, and interpreter (English/Spanish). Don’t get me wrong, I am very passionate about practicing my profession, but I am more than my job title, my college degrees, my immigrant story (native Spanish speaker from Peru) or my annual income. I am the ancestors that live in me, who love me, and have taught me to be a loving and noble soul in this world.

I have been an OSTI member since 2021 and volunteer since 2020. Through my volunteer work at OSTI, I have served the organization by utilizing my acquired skills: communication, interpersonal, diplomacy, emotional intelligence, and writing. Since joining OSTI, I have referred talented global speakers to the organization (including seven conference speakers, among them therapists, indigenous languages interpreters, interpreter trainers, language agency owners, and international voice coaches) who presented at the 2021 and 2022 OSTI conferences. I have also served OSTI as a volunteer host for conference presentations and recited my poems at Open Mics. Most recently, I presented at the April 2023 virtual OSTI event titled, “Panel for Students Interested in Interpreting/Translation Careers.” I am very grateful to OSTI for selecting my co-authored presentation titled “Remediating Situations: Important Tips for Interpreting Success” and for giving me the opportunity to speak at a regional and national conference for the first time in my interpretation career at OSTI's 10th Annual Conference. Above all, I enjoy volunteering my time at OSTI, a space that is welcoming, democratic, and inspires current and future generations in the T&I industry. It would be an honor to be a Treasurer for the OSTI 2023-2025 Board and continue accomplishing its mission and vision.


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