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Thank you for joining OSTI! As an OSTI member, you can access and leverage our statewide network of independent experienced professional interpreters and translators for promotion, networking, and professional development. Please take a moment to fill out the membership application. You will receive an invoice of $55 for one year of membership dues. Your membership will be activated once we received your payment. It will take up to five business days to fully process your application.

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By submitting an application to become an OSTI member I commit to abide by the OSTI Code of Ethics as listed below. I understand that members of the Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters shall not cause, permit or suggest that their membership in OSTI confers OSTI membership, affiliation, association, endorsement or any other OSTI benefits on any organization with which they may be associated, affiliated or represent.

OSTI Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility

We, the members of the Oregon Society of Translators and Interpreters (OSTI) , accept as our ethical and professional duty the obligation to:

  1. convey meaning between people and cultures faithfully, accurately, and impartially;
  2. hold in strictest confidence any privileged and/or confidential information entrusted to us in the course of our work;
  3. represent our qualifications, capabilities, and responsibilities honestly and to work always within them;
  4. enhance those capabilities at every opportunity through continuing education in language, subject field, and professional practice;
  5. act collegially by sharing knowledge and experience and welcoming newcomers to the profession;
  6. define in advance by mutual agreement and abide by, the terms of all business transactions among ourselves and with others;
  7. ask for and offer due recognition and respect for our work; and
  8. endeavor in good faith to resolve among ourselves any dispute that may arise out of our professional interactions,

... ever mindful that our failure to abide by these principles may harm our own interests, those of our fellow members, our organization OSTI and those we serve as well as our profession

* I have read and agree with OSTI's Code of Ethics.


For Programming:

Do you have a particular area of expertise that would lend itself to a continuing education presentation, workshop, or lecture?
Can you recommend people who have such expertise?
What specialty areas and topics would you like OSTI to cover in meetings or workshops?
I would like to help OSTI with:

If you checked "Other" above, what would you like to help with?


For Projects

Do you have a particular area of expertise that would lend itself to a project that OSTI could take on and benefit the members at large? Do you have specific ideas about its implementation? Are you willing to participate in leadership for this project, or in working alongside someone else who could develop it? Do you know anyone who would be well suited to developing this project? You can email suggestions to at any time.
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